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Best Children's Christmas Fiction Books For Kids

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Christmas Cookies
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I am told, that I was one of those children that began reading at an early age. I can’t say I have any recollection of how old I was when I began reading, but I do remember the many hours I spent in joyous experiences with the fairies, brownies, pixies and magical creatures I so loved. To this day, I remember the heart-wrenching feeling of leaving picture books behind. I simply couldn’t imagine that a book without pretty pictures could ever be enjoyed. Thanks to a clever teacher with the patience of a saint, and a book list to engage the most die-hard of picture book readers, I was finally weaned from picture books. Even so, I was the last person in the class to be weaned, and I can surely tell you, it was one of the hardest things I left behind in my childhood.

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Grandma's Holly Berry Christmas Cookies

Every family will, at some point, encounter challenges and crises. During these difficult times, it often feels like the family unit will not survive. Many families who have successfully weathered such tough, heartbreaking crises know that their survival depended on their sticking together and supporting each other through all the tumultuous events. But what happens when even a successful family is so deeply wounded that they’re unable to stick by each other and function as a source of strength and support for each other?

This is a child fiction book about a family facing such a crisis. In a last-ditch effort to save her family, a young girl puts all her hopes for redemption or for at least an adaptation into a new normal, in a long-established family tradition.

This children’s Christmas book is built around a cherished Christmas tradition that was created by their beloved grandmother. The family has observed this tradition every Christmas since Grandma created it. Now, if only our protagonist can just get her family involved with Grandma’s Christmas holiday tradition. Will it be sufficient to rekindle their memories of the joy, love, and peace of the Christmas season? If you are looking for a children’s Christmas book, Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies by D.V. Lang is for you. This Christmas book for kids reaches out and reminds families of the spirit, joy, beauty, and hope, of the Christmas season.

I strongly recommend purchasing this best children’s Christmas book. It will be an insightful and entertaining addition to your bookshelf. It makes a wonderful Christmas read and a wonderful holiday gift treat.

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I Didn't Think I Could

If you are looking for an excellent motivation fiction book for kids, I Didn’t Think I Could by D.V. Lang is the book for you. We all know it is essential to start working on our children’s confidence as early as possible. We also know that children who establish this critical skill go on to manage their lives better than those who do not. Of course, then the earlier we can foster this attitude in children, the better off they will be.

Reading child fiction books is an excellent means of introducing confidence to young children – I Didn’t Think I Could is such a book. This children’s motivation book encourages children and helps them build their confidence in a novel way.

The book accomplishes this feat by providing children with irrefutable proof that they’ve already successfully achieved some very difficult things in life. The idea is to get them thinking if they can achieve these difficult things when they’re babies, then they certainly can go on and be successful in other difficult things as they grow. I heartily recommend you purchase this book. Building a child’s confidence is a priceless treasure that will pay off in dividends. To buy children’s book I Didn’t Think I Could head to her website, Amazon, or your favorite online retailer.

Saying Hello Around The World

‘Saying Hello Around the World’ is another best fiction book for kids by D.V. Lang. The author knows the importance of learning a foreign language. It helps children develop skills like listening, memory, concentration, and patience. These skills are all critical to learning and excelling in education and, in fact, in life.

Speaking a foreign language is also a beautiful exposure and introduction to diversity and respect for other nations and cultures that are different from your own. This child fiction book, Saying Hello Around the World is the first book in a series of books designed to spark interest in learning, in discovering other cultures, and in getting a glimpse into customs observed in a variety of cultures around the world. It uses friendly characters dressed in national clothing to introduce the children to common, frequently used greetings and mannerly responses for hello.

Specifically, this child fiction book teaches children to say hello in several languages from popularly visited nations around the world. The friendly children and host try to make and keep the introduction simple and easy.

Along with the words, we’ve also provided enunciations for the words to make things even easier. I know that you’ll find this book a wonderful first start and a vital asset in their toolbox for communicating and understanding each other. So, check out the books, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but your child has every advantage to gain.

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Saying Goodbye Around the World

The friendly gang from the Around the World series is back with the child fiction book, ‘Saying Goodbye Around the World.’ This book is book two of the same fiction series as Saying Hello Around the World. As with the first child fiction book―Saying Hello Around the World, readers will not only see the words for goodbye in the various languages, but they’ll also have enunciations for the words that represent goodbye in each language.

We live in a global world. While it is currently an advantage to speak another language, by the time children today are grown, it will be an absolute necessity. So, take advantage of this simple, easy, and early opportunity to introduce your child to foreign languages and diversity. More importantly, you have an opportunity here to get them ahead of the curve.

The earlier children are introduced to foreign languages; the easier it is for them to learn them. Moreover, it aids in their problem-solving, helps them become better students, improves their sense of empathy, and improves their cultural understanding, just to name a few benefits.

Give your child a leap ahead. Introduce them to the wonder and beauty of diversity. The way the author uses language in these books will help them expand their vision and horizon. It will provide them with a small window into different cultures and perspectives, so you can never go wrong by preparing them for the world of tomorrow. To buy children’s books by D. V. Lang visit her website or Amazon.

Customers reviews

Amazing Book!
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This book taught my little cousins and I how to greet people from all over the world. It covered alot of nationalities as well which was great!
A learning book for both children and adults.
Read More
A great book it teaches both adults and children eventhough it's a children's book. As you read the book challenge yourself to see how many you knew before reading the book. I'm hoping there may be a book 2 with goodbyes. I enjoyed reading this book. A nice teaching and learning book for all.
Definitely recommend for all ages
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Great read for kids and adults Learned some ways to greet others that I didn't know before,I also liked that it didnt use common Countries so it introduces the children to countries they may not have heard of.
Amazon Customer
Great motivational children’s book!
Read More
In a world of so many negative views for children to see it was nice finding a book that can motivate a child. Very good children’s book.
Great for when you need a little boost of encouragement!
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Awesome motivational book for kids!
Encouraging you not to give up
Read More
Liked this book. It’s very encouraging for children. It teaches them not to give up.
Never give up
Read More
Very good inspirational children book . D.V Lang has found a way to tell the children to never give up . Keep reaching for the star