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About D.V. Lang

I am told that I was one of those children that began reading at an early age, but I never imagined I would become a children’s book writer. While I can’t say I have any recollection of how old I was when I began reading, I do remember the many hours I spent in joyous experiences with the fairies, brownies, pixies, and magical creatures I so loved. To this day, I remember the heart-wrenching feeling of leaving picture books behind. I simply couldn’t imagine that a book without pretty pictures could ever be enjoyed.

Thanks to a clever teacher with the patience of a snail, and a book list to engage the most die-hard of picture book readers, I was finally weaned from picture books. Even so, I was the last person in the class to be weaned, and I can surely tell you it was one of the hardest things I left behind in my childhood.

These emotions were raised again in a conversation I had with some friends. That conversation made me consciously aware of just how many huge hurdles are conquered in childhood. That realization led to the thought, hey, wouldn’t it be an excellent book that motivates children through providing them with irrefutable evidence that they are in fact achievers? Ta da! That gave rise to the birth of the Book I Didn’t Think I Could, and that led me to become a children’s book author.

That book was followed by an idea to create a series that introduces children to language, diversity, and tolerance. After all, do we not tell them repeatedly that they are our future? Well, today more than ever before in human history, we enjoy mobility that our ancestors would doubt our words if we described it to them. In our global world a prepared child is a child with a serious advantage. Therefore, you can see how an early introduction to language is a stellar idea. Plus, it not only stimulates an interest in language, but it also invites questions about customs and traditions. This gives the parent an ideal opportunity for a conversation on diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.

We can traverse around this beautiful world of ours within two days. So, more and more people will be taking advantage of the opportunity to do so. Businesses highly prize employees who are multilingual, and we’ve all heard that learning languages is far easier as a child than it is trying to learn as an adult. So, now, you can give your kids this giant advantage, and get them started early.

In between the two published books in the series, I decided that I wanted to write a Christmas book. That idea gave birth to the book, Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies. This book is the based on a beautiful human story. It is a story that all people―regardless of what they look like, regardless of what their religion is, or where they come from―they will find a message that they can understand and appreciate. If like me, you love Christmas and the idea of giving, you’ll absolutely love this book.

Every year since I wrote the book, at some point early in the season, I find a cozy chair, some eggnog, Holly Berry cookies, (Sorry, you’ll need to get the book to get that recipe) a soft throw, and my copy of the book. Then I curl up and read the book as often and for as long as I can. When I am finished the story, I am in a proper Christmas spirit and mood. You too can share this tradition. So, if you’re looking for a Christmas delight . . . and who isn’t? This is the book for you.

What is this children’s book author doing now you wonder. Well, the third book in the Around the World series entitled Saying Thank You Around the World has been written and edited. It is currently in the production process. I am particularly excited for this book because the series has been revamped. In the next two books the nations remain the same for consistency, however, the characters are completely different. It’s a surprise for readers. I hope to have that released in the next few months. In the time being, I am in the mood for action and adventure. And I am exploring to see where that takes us.

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